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Questo è il motto del progetto:

Water is life, no water no life!


mentre questo è il logo vincitore:


Il logo è stato realizzato dagli alunni Antonia Cicenia, Cristian Pelosi, Antonia Schettino, Giuseppe Tullio della classe II A “G.Deledda” coordinati dalla prof.ssa Olga Annunziata:


I LTTA presso “SZKOLA PODSTAWOWA ZWIAZKU NAUCZYCIELSTWA POLSKIEGO” Lodz – Polonia dal 10 al 15 Novembre 2018





Blue Countries Newsletter about the I LTTA in Poland


Water cycle works


II LTTA in Italy 17-22 March 2019

Blue Countries Newsletter about the II LTTA in Italy

Exploring a mountain stream


Link about Ofanto river created with maphub

Presentation of a Science project realized in national language that focuses the attention on the water resources in our area

Italian team wish you …

Our ecosystem

Watermills and Dam workshop

III LTTA at Strabraggan National School Arigna – Ireland


Lip dub


III newsletter
Mobility in Strabraggan NS, Arigna

Visiting the Natural Reserve of Pignola Lake (WWF)
The area has the aspect of a typical swampy-lacustral environment, with a characteristic vegetation made up of bushes and bulrushes. Here you can also see shrubs or isolated arboreal species that grow in humid environments. It is a very important area for water wildlife and is a rest area for birds during the migration period.

Visiting Oasi di Persano
Visiting Olevano hydroelectric power station
From dam to tap – Conza water treatment plant

Meeting about water quality and how to test it by the biologist Doctor A. Desantis

Exploring water pollution through Art

IV LTTA at Tartu Raatuse School – Estonia

Blue Countries Newsletter about the IV LTTA in Estonia

Planting oxygen trees. Trees provide oxygen for our lungs and purify the air.

How to protect water

How to protect water

Global Education Workshop in the second class

Blue countries Newsletter about the V lTTA in Greece

Seafood Recipes

Oxygen trees in the schoolyard

Water fauna and flora masks

World Environmental Day

World Ocean Day

Students greet the BLUE friends